Emily van Lidth de Jeude
multimedia visual and literary artist
Bowen Island, Canada

instagram: @emilyvanartist

My work has been described as messy, rough, honest, and emotional. It tends toward new media, installation, performance, and books, and is often political, or community-centred. Work often has moving, non-linear attributes, and involves grids, interactivity, hanging sheets, laundry, and spaces for contemplation of viewers’ personal experiences.

I am interested in the impressions that past experience and heredity leave on us and on our existence as earth-dwelling social animals. My work often alludes to or revolves around my own search for identity, as a child of divorced and displaced parents, born and settled onto unceded Squamish territory, and raising my own children in what is currently a maverick ideology (unschooling), with the intention of allowing them to discover and create their own paths. Everything I do is an effort to illuminate humanity so that we see each other and the places we inhabit in new light, with compassion, curiosity, and a feeling of belonging. I believe that art happens in the individual experiences between one person's creative expression and another's creative interpretation.

I consider myself a feminist installation artist, coming from a background of family trauma and dysfunction, and working through art and education to give authentic voice to others. I also come from a line of traditional female ballad-singers, having been raised in and carried on a tradition of storytelling with song. Therefore much of my work is interview-based, and many of my materials are reclaimed, having a history of use by women, children, and families. Feminism is not only for the emancipation of women; through liberating and respecting ourselves as caregivers, storytellers and change-makers we can open the doors for the empowerment of everyone.

My work is about identity and belonging, and I seek to break open the stories of my subjects’ lives in such a way that viewers of the work can access their own stories.

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