Current Work


(dis)robe is a growing collection of reclaimed, altered and painted garments that explore our culture and heritage, questionning what we choose to wear and to discard, in the contexts of our societies, families, and personal journeys.

(dis)robe: Maternity Wear

Used wedding gown, altered, painted and embellished to explore the choice mothers make to be the comforter/soother/carrier/carer/wearer of our babies. This reclaimed wedding gown includes a gang of painted toddlers climbing up the train, a built-in satin baby-carrier on the back, a plethora of hanging pacifiers, and a torn-open bodice from which protrudes a pregnant belly painted with the hands and face of an escaping, screaming mother.

(dis)robe: Nursing Gown

This particular gown is my exploration of our cultural heritage around gender, caregiving, and partnership roles.

(dis)robe: Chain Dress

An exploration of heredity, especially of mothering and caregiving roles among girls and women. It may be a chain of bondage or entrapment, but it is also a chain of generational connection.

(dis)robe: Support Garment

Worn here with the Lovely Bush prosthetic pubic hair, and in front of a lovely painting by Lluis Garriga Felip at Art! Vancouver 2017. More photos of this dress in the Woman Story section of this gallery, as it was included in that installation as well. It looks into the many others whose support (and hindrance) we choose to accept and deny as we make our many ways through life.

Change Your Own Adventure

Change Your Own Adventure is a series of rearrangeable pieces, easily hung and rearranged into many different configurations. The idea is to facilitate play and exploration not only with visual art but with our preconceived ideas about outcome, pattern, and the possibility of change.

Change Your Own Adventure: Love is Everything

25 canvases, each 6x6 inches. Shown in a square configuration and a diamond radial gradient configuration.

Change Your Own Adventure: Requiem/Renewal

acrylic, oil, graphite and human hair. 27 canvases, each 8x8 inches.

Change Your Own Adventure: Red

26 canvases, each 12x12 inches.

Change Your Own Adventure: Value

34 canvases, each 6x6 inches. This is an in-progress photo.

Change Your Own Adventure: The Instability of Memory

Oil on canvas. 16 canvases, each 10x10 inches. Shown here in detail (one tile) and in two different configurations.

Change Your Own Adventure: Space Bees

9 canvases, each 4x4 inches.

Change Your Own Adventure: Mayflies

9 canvases, each 4x4 inches. Detail of side view, bottom.

Signs of the Apocalypse

Signs of the Apocalypse is an ongoing series of oil paintings on canvas, evolving around ideas of family, home, identity, personal trauma and healing. Many pieces are titled after a line from a song. I see music more than I hear it, but it has been a constant thread in my life, especially traditional folk music. So these paintings are responses to songs that in some way define my own life, whether they be old ballads or newer pop songs. A quick Google of the titles (in quotation marks) will find you the songs they reference, and in the words of the songs you'll find pieces of the stories.

Will you love my heart?

Acrylic, graphite and oil on stretched canvas. 4x 24x72" These are hung just above the floor, so that the viewer sees the upper squares at eye level, and the children on the bottom panels are looked down upon.

If it weren't for the love of your daughter...

Graphite, wax crayon and oil on stretched canvas.

Nothing Comes Out

Graphite, wax crayon and oil on stretched canvas.

Identity 1 & 2

Graphite and oil on stretched canvas.


Titles withheld.

Graphite, wax crayon and oil on stretched canvas.

Do you see me? Does anyone care?

Acrylic, graphite, wax crayon and oil on stretched canvas.

Interference 1 & 2

Graphite and oil on stretched & torn canvas. The entirety of W.B. Yeats' poem, The Stolen Child, is written in silver metallic paint on the pair.



Oil on stretched canvas.

Escaping the Nest

Graphite and oil on stretched canvas. Triptych totaling 12x5ft.

Three Craws

Graphite and oil on stretched canvas. Triptych totaling 10x5ft.

Apocalypse in Pieces

Mixed media on reclaimed BC Binning panels.


Felt and bone headdress... sometimes with electric candles.