Through interview-based social media and gallery installations, what.home looks at the importance and meaning of the concept of home.

This project digs into feelings of belonging, displacement, and community - all with a deep connection to place and identity. Pieces of the interviews will be shared regularly on Instagram and YouTube and will eventually become an immersive maze-like video installation, where visitors can literally walk around in the sounds and sights of others' experience of 'home'.

I have been invited to install this work at Goleb in Amsterdam in May, 2018, as well as to expand the project there during my stay in the Netherlands. This is deeply meaningful to me, since I am myself a daughter of immigrants, one of whom chose to leave his homeland of the Netherlands and settle in Canada. I not only hope to interview some of my own family who have stayed in the Netherlands, but also immigrants currently living there.

It will be very interesting to include immigrants to Canada as well as newcomers to countries those Canadian immigrants came from. I will be following such strands of connection across the globe, and collecting the stories of the web they create. In this way, and through expanding the project over time, I hope to explore the transience/intransience of humanity across the planet, as well as the challenges that globalism brings, and the deep heart-connection we all share in our search for belonging.

Where to see what.home:

Each social media platform and each gallery experience will be different from the others; so subscribe to them all, and visit the installation, too!

Instagram: @what.home
YouTube: Emily van Lidth de Jeude artist channel
Amsterdam Installation: Goleb, May 11, 2018
British Columbia Installation: Details currently unconfirmed. 2019

Media Coverage: Undercurrent Newspaper