I am a multimedia visual and literary artist living on Bowen Island, in Canada.

Although I studied mostly painting, printmaking, and mixed-media sculpture in the Netherlands and at ECU in Vancouver, Canada, my creativity spills into whichever medium suits my moment. My work has been described as messy, rough, honest, and emotional. It tends toward new media, installation, performance, and books, and is often political, or community-centred.

The intention of my work is never simply to express something personal, but to express in such a way that viewers can read their own stories into the work; experience their own revelations, and walk away with their own unique experiences. I believe that art happens in the individual experiences that happen between the one person's creative expression and another's creative interpretation.

I am interested in the impressions that past experience and heredity leave on us and on our existence as earth-dwelling social animals. My work often alludes to or revolves around my own search for identity, as a child of divorced and displaced parents, born and settled onto unceded Squamish territory, and raising my own children in what is currently a maverick ideology (unschooling), with the intention of allowing them to discover and create their own paths.

~ Emily van Lidth de Jeude

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