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Markus: the boat was at the wedding too... Wed, Aug 26 2009, 9:19pm  

My last boat post was a long time ago - I've been busy with building Emily's studio and many other things. So, the only boat update is that it got invited to Adrian and Ginger's wedding:

Wedding prep or cleanup:

Partying late into the night:

Putting the [improved] cover back on:

The fiberglass is almost gone!

Markus: this is what happens next... Sat, Feb 9 2008, 7:51pm  

..as far as the boat is concerned, that is. A sore back. I've worked my way around all the easy (relatively speaking) bits. Now Its time for everything underneath.

I've arranged it so the posts in the boat category of this website appear along with all the regular posts. That is why this relatively out of context post has popped up now.

To check out all the blog categories look under "categories" to the right.

Markus: Annual fix the boathouse day Sat, Sep 15 2007, 10:37pm  

Every 2 years I get to see the boat as a whole for one afternoon. I pulled up the old (and now very brittle and leaky) tarp and wrestled a new tarp under it, and some poly under that at the peak in the hopes that the old tarp will keep things in place and block most of the UV, and that the poly will provide some protection from chafing on the wood frame. I've done little other than grinding fiberglass - thank god that theres visible progress, otherwise i think i might just convert the thing into the guesthouse...

Markus: hey! this boat *is* [sort of] famous! Wed, Jun 20 2007, 1:44pm  

I've had this thought in my head for a while that this boat had some Greenpeace connection - someone once said that to me. So I Google Greenpeace boats, and keep coming across pictures of this guy Bob Hunter, and, the name and the images all seemed somewhat familiar (until 3 days ago, I was blissfully unaware of who Bon Hunter was). Eventually I realized that thats the guy at the helm in the oldest picture in this blog (here, on the left). Now I Google, Bob Hunter, and eventually come across this very exciting TV interview.

I am now officially educated on the beginning of Greenpeace - Chris Corrigan, who also posted about this same nugget of history here suggested that i read Warriors of the Rainbow: A Chronicle of the Greenpeace Movement - then I'll be even more educated.

Markus: a really big oak tree... Thu, Mar 15 2007, 1:00am  
Here is something I was intending to put up ages ago: An island friend and I had a conversation about the boat, and how I would eventually have to find some white oak to replace selected frames. The day after she called me with a telephone number of a person in Victoria who had an oak which had to come down as it was making the neighbourhood nervous with it looming, so I went out there and had a look. It is BIG! She was hoping that, although the tree had to come down, that at least the wood would go to some good cause such as a boat or something. This tree is way beyond my means, but maybe for a boatbuilding school this would be a worthwhile project?...
Markus: through-hulls... Fri, Jun 23 2006, 9:02am  
After numerous defeats, I have finally vanquished the through-hulls. The small ones were simple and mostly so loose I could remove them without even a wrench. The two in the fo'csle I got off by cutting the bolts - too corroded and encrusted to get the nuts off the regular way. The large radiator through-hull I finally defeated one step at a time:
  1. a 6 foot steel bar into the knees with wood slivers protecting the thread gave me lots of leverage.
  2. a home made wrench just barely got the monstrous hex nuts off
  3. levering the radiator assembly from the outside did the rest.
Markus: through hull trouble Tue, May 30 2006, 8:13am  

OK, how do I get these things off without ruining them? "These" are the fittings for the engine radiator - I can unscrew the ring threaded onto the pipe, but I dont see how that releases anything.

Markus: ...more grinding... Tue, May 30 2006, 8:10am  

All thats left to do now is the hard part under the turn of the bilge:

Markus: grind, gind, grind, grind... Wed, Mar 1 2006, 9:58am  

Man, this is no fun at all - acres and acres of fiberglass. I figure I manage about 6 square feet per hour on the easy bits. Its looking a bit better (compare to the pictures on July 16, 2004:

Markus: jacking the cabin back up Mon, Aug 22 2005, 10:45am  
This is the view towards the back of the cabin. The batten is resting with its bottom aligned with the bottom of the stringers (on the left the stringer is missing, so i sprung a batten in aligned with whats hopefully the bottom edge of the stringer). You can see that it still has to go up 2" or more on the left (compare the heights of the deck planks with the top of the batten on each side - the beam is all messed up, so dont go by that).
Markus: i put the old floor back in before someone broke off their foot or bent the shaft Mon, Aug 22 2005, 10:40am  
I think i will manufacture something for the wheelhose (no old leftovers) too. I wish the nice floor survived, but it was missing bits all over so it didnt make sense to put it back as it was.
Markus: stern and bow look much better with all that epoxy/whatever and fiberglass ground away Mon, Aug 22 2005, 10:34am  
A lot of the patchiness was superficial. The wood looks much better now. hopefully those planks are still think enough. I was careful not to grind away more than necessary, but in some places that still meant 1/8" - 1/16" gone.
Markus: some info on records at UBC Sat, Aug 13 2005, 9:04pm  
Menchions, W.R., 1871-1946
W.R. Menchions fonds. - 1914-1935.
10 cm of textual records.
12 plans.
1 photograph.

W.R. Menchions was one of the best-known wooden boat builders in Canada. Born in 1871 in Bay Robert, Newfoundland, Menchions found employment as a boat builder and a fisherman there. In 1896 he came to Vancouver where he soon established what became one of the port's leading boatyards.

The fonds consists of plans of fishing vessels built by W.R.Menchions for various companies and individuals including a seine patrol and towboat (1914-1915), cannery tender (1924-1926), seine boat (1925), and specifications and contracts for gasoline boats, seine boats and fishing boats (1914-1935). The fonds also includes one photograph of the vessel "Frieda" of the Kakiak Fishing Co.

Markus: another menchions boat Sat, Aug 13 2005, 9:02pm  

Markus: another menchions boat Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:56pm  

Markus: another menchions boat Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:44pm  
Nanceda, Purse Table Seiner, 1950, 78'

Markus: another menchions boat Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:38pm  
1944 52 foot pilot house cruiser boat

found at http://www.boat-world.com/boatads/898324417.html and http://www.frenchcreekboatsales.com/details.asp?File_Number=PW1411
Markus: another menchions boat Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:35pm  
85' Ex-Seiner
Built in 1944 by Menchions

found at http://www.canwestmarine.com/boats_for%20_sale_in_bc_wash.htm
Markus: a reference to Mechions shipyard Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:25pm  
and a picture:
The Lady Alexandra Floating Restaurant moored at the Cardero Wharf Company at the north foot of Cardero between the Bayshore Inn and Menchions Shipyard. This puts the place this boat was built a little into perspective. The shipwayd is on the right of the photo.

found at http://www.city.vancouver.bc.ca/...

from http://maps.google.com/
Markus: hard at work... Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:10pm  
My darlings are all in Sorrento, so I am putting the pedal to the metal and getting some drudgery done. Well, actually, the grinder to the fiberglass, and the car jack to the cabin. Loooong boring hours removing fiberglass. It turns out that the concrete wheel works much faster and better than the sander wheels. I just dont know where to get another. The cabin has sagged by more than 4 inches at the stern on one side. I am jacking things back up - ominous creaks and groans everywhere, but its coming up. I line up the covering boards - hopefully that makes sense.
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