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Markus: Climate Graph Fri, Nov 3 2006, 3:06pm  
A program for plotting precipitation and temperature data. more
Markus: Version 2.1 Fri, Nov 3 2006, 2:49pm  

The climate grapher is a windows application which can be used to plot precipitation and temperature data. Some other related data can also be represented on the graphs. The output can be either a conventional cartesian graph or a polar graph.

This is the first version of the climate grapher available to the general public. It will be followed quickly by version 2.1 the only expected changes being the addition of the GNU General Public License.

The program can be downloaded from http://moontree.bowenisland.com/dragonfly/content/software/Climate%20Graph/climate-2.1.zip.

You can email me at Markus Roemer <emilymarkus@bowenisland.com>.

Here are a few screen-shots:

  • Cartesian Graph:

  • Polar Graph:

  • Data Entry Screen:

  • Configuration Screen:

Markus: Introduction Fri, Nov 3 2006, 1:43pm  
This folder is where I will post any software that I have created which I wish to share.
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